Welcome to PACE – Plymouth Arena Community Events

We are delighted to announce the new PACE – Plymouth Arena Community Events Project; with the launch today of our new Logo; Website and Social Media presence.

The aim of PACE – Plymouth Arena Community Events, will be to turn The Coliseum (formerly St Boniface Arena) into a 364 days a year Community Facility, for the benefit of the people of Plymouth and larger areas of Devon and Cornwall able to stage a large range of Sporting, Community, Social and Retail based Events.

Our particular focus will be to support local SME – Sole Trader + Small + Medium sized Businesses to showcase their wares at a central City based Community / Fair location that is both accessible to tens of thousands of local people and affordable in terms of Pitch Rental for Vendors and which fills a niche in the market that our extensive research indicates has been missing for a long time.

Plymouth is Britain’s “Ocean City” a population approaching 250,000; vibrant and resilient; capable and proven at putting on large scale events that can attract a Global, National and local audience.

The wider Devon/Cornwall Area boasts a huge number of entrepreneurs, small and growing Craft and Retail Businesses and has a long tradition of local and more Rural Annual Fairs and Events.

We believe that we can fill the City based niche to bring the Rural and City traditions into a new location, easily accessible for all, adjacent to the A38 Trunk Road.

The concept and project also has major Sporting, Health and Community Fitness objectives. 

We wish to stabilise and grow the popularity of Speedway Racing in the City of Plymouth with the Plymouth Gladiators and across the whole of Devon and Cornwall, where it has been hugely popular in the past.

We also wish to support and assist some excellent local Junior Soccer Teams and Training Groups that are already bringing top class Soccer coaching to Girls and Boys, Men and Women of all ages, all abilities and all races and religions to The Coliseum Arena Complex.

In addition, we also wish to develop and assist Fitness and Sporting access to all, whatever their Sport and whatever level they wish to attain from basic fitness and well-being to competitive level Sport.

We are launching the Project in unique, challenging and difficult times during the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish to be at the forefront of the Community; Sport and Retail bounce back and fight back post Covid 19 to support health , wealth, well-being and a feelgood factor.

The nature of the current situation means that many of The Events that we plan for 2020 – 2021 and beyond; are at this time “aspirational and dependent on easing of restrictions and also local Planning permissions”, we are launching now therefore to show the aspiration and aims of the Project; with a view to commencing all planned and as yet unplanned Events; as soon as it is prudent to do so.

We are very keen to have your views and thoughts about what Events we could and you would like us to Stage and feedback about the embryonic plans that we are launching today for us to develop and share over the short, medium and long term future.

We hope that with your help and support and input, that PACE – Plymouth Arena Community Events can be a success and a blueprint for Community Stadium and Facility accessibility and use across not only our local Area but further afield.

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