Plymouth Gladiators Statement

Plymouth Gladiators Speedway can confirm that we are in initial negotiations with the BSPL regarding a move to Championship Speedway in 2021, as reported a few days ago; by the BSPL. (click here to view)

Mark and Mattie are working behind the scenes to try to build a Team of sufficient depth and quality to meet BSPL expectations, with the support of some other Championship Promoters, and have spoken to a number of potential recruits. 

Mark is working hard to ensure that other required Terms and Conditions of Entry can be met.

In order to set Supporter expectations; we don’t intend to make any further comment at this time without the permission and prior knowledge of the BSPL Board of Directors and we don’t expect any further news until early February at the earliest in line with agreed timescales with The BSPL Board of Directors.

We are also progressing with some very exciting non-Speedway related projects linked to the separate PACE (Plymouth Arena Community Events Project) and hope to make some exciting announcements about that in early March, subject to ongoing Covid 19 related issues.

We can confirm that due to the exciting medium and long term scope of the PACE Project in ensuring the long term security and stability of The Coliseum Arena and Plymouth Speedway, that Ian Jordan (who is a Director of the PACE Project Company) will now leave his Speedway role at Plymouth Speedway to focus his time and commercial expertise solely on the PACE project, in terms of his involvement at Plymouth Speedway.