New PACE stand dedicated to NHS

Plymouth Arena Community Events (PACE) based at The Coliseum Arena, which is also the home of Plymouth Gladiators Speedway, have decided to dedicate their new 500 seat Arena Stand to the NHS for the remainder of 2020.

The newly completed stand incorporated seating in Gladiators club colours, is branded to show the initials NHS with 2 hearts.

Club Directors have chosen this option, as a thank you to all NHS and Care Staff locally and nationally, not only during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, but also over the past 72 years, since its creation by the vision of Aneurin Bevan, who dreamt of a universal Health Care Service free at the point of contact to all.

Commercial Director Ian Jordan explained:

“Managing Director and Promoter Mark Phillips set out the new seats in an NHS logo and it just looked and felt right that we should go down this route as our thank you to the NHS and associated frontline Services. We will brand it for the NHS for the remainder of 2020.

The recent Covid19 pandemic has seen the NHS deliver not only world class healthcare and support, but numerous examples of unbelievable public service.

At a time of crisis, everyone has realised, it is iconic, world leading and a national treasure.

We are delighted to acknowledge the gratitude of the people of Plymouth and the wider area, and those in our Sport to the NHS for all they have done, and do, day after day, that touches the lives of everyone.

The most tangible benefit will be for us to allow the opportunity of NHS Staff and front line colleagues in the Care Sector to have a free night out at Plymouth Speedway in 2020 and 2021.

The winter improvements at The Coliseum, including the new Stand, Disabled Area Renovation, Pits Area enhancement and the acquisition of German style BBQ equipment and also a new Bouncy Castle type Bike Track for young children, has cost in the region of £20,000.  Title branding of the new stand would have generated funding to cover part of that outlay, however we passionately believe that recognition of the NHS is more important at this time. Title branding for 2021 will be available from January 2021.

What we can offer and would like to make available, is some highly visible Advertising and Sponsorship space at the top of the new stand and around The Arena, visible not only to visitors to the Speedway and our new PACE Community Events project, but also visible to the huge amount of traffic on the A38 Trunk Road flyover above the Track.

We would welcome conversations with any local or national Business that would like to acquire 2021 Title branding and advertising and promotional space, all of which will help to cover not only the costs of the Stadium improvements but also the long term stability and future development of Speedway in Devon and the South West, and which will also include a small “thank you NHS” logo.

The recently announced PACE – Plymouth Arena Community Events project is also a major opportunity for local entrepreneurs and small or medium Business Owners to showcase their businesses at a variety of planned events.

Phase 2 of the PACE project will see us develop an Online Affinity Portal to allow all businesses to directly link their own website and social media marketing, to our PACE Portal which can also be augmented by Stadium and Arena marketing options.”

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Image credit: Thanks to a Plymouth Speedway Supporter for the excellent pictures.